Rangers to screw the Bruins before the deadline?

Epic strategy!

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The New York Rangers have announced to the world their intention to move veteran players ahead of the trade deadline, but we guess we forgot to look at the little asterisk on the press release. 

While rumors hinted at the possibility of moving star defenseman and captain Ryan McDonagh, it seems like the Rangers might have changed their mind. The Tampa Bay Lighting and the Boston Bruins are reportedly very interesting in landing the veteran defender, but the Rangers could modify their plans with just six days to go before the trade deadline. 

Larry Brooks of the New York Post Brooks has revealed that neither of the two teams sitting atop the Atlantic Division have come up with a legitimate offer for the Rangers to consider. 

The Bruins would definitely benefit the most from getting a hand on McDonagh, which might be one of the reasons New York is changing its mind.

"We’re told that management feels no urgency to deal McDonagh by the Feb. 26 deadline and could revisit the possibility of a deal at the June draft, when the pool of suitors would naturally increase," writes Brooks. 

The Rangers could take the opportunity to mess with Boston, who looks very strong going into the postseason, and wait for other teams to jump into the bidding for McDonagh. 

The Bruins will need to change their plan and see if they can land a quality defenseman in less than a week...