Replay cameras catch Patrick Maroon tugging on Brent Burns' beard!

Hilarious moment between two tough NHLers.

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If you just yell at your opponents all day eventually the rhetoric will get old and no matter what you say you won't be able to rub them the wrong way anymore. That's why sometimes players get a little creative. 

We aren't sure of Edmonton Oilers veteran forward Patrick Maroon was trying to psych out San Jose Sharks star defenseman Brent Burns during the scrum, or if he was just genuinely admiring the beauty of the Burns' beard, but it was awesome either way.

During a scrum between the Oilers and the Sharks both Marron and Burns were tangled up together and as they both lay on the ice, Maroon reached over and hilariously stroked Burns' beard. 

While the cameras didn't catch it initially, the replay saw it all. So was it an intimate moment between a man and another man's beard? Or was Maroon just trying to toy with Burns? It's hard to tell because the replay did not show Burns' reaction.