Report: A new Habs' player could be on the block soon!

A decision has to be made!

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Depending on the team's performances in the next couple of weeks, some big decision will be made in Montreal.

One of them will be about pending UFA Tomas Plekanec who is playing the last season of his 2 years 12 million contract.

According to insider Bob McKenzie on the air at TSN 690, he could very well be dealt in the near future.

“But you’re right, if you fall out then a guy like Plekanec who is on an expiring contract – his name will go into the hopper with all of the other rentals. And then it’s a matter of just simply looking at all of the rentals that are available and sort of slotting in where Plekanec fits, and then seeing what the highest-end guy is going to fetch in a trade and what the lowest-end guy is going to get, and where Plekanec fits in."

It'll be interesting to see what the Habs do with this particular situation.