Report: Andersen rips into his teammates after fourth straight loss

He has the right to be mad.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs lost a fourth straight game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night, and it was yet another game where they blew a lead.

There was an evident air of disappointment around the locker room - one could almost imagine that the room stunk more than it usually does after a team full of hockey players takes off their equipment post-game.

Goalie Freddie Andersen was very critical of his teammates. There weren't any cheap shots at anyone, rather, he made some pretty clear comments on the overall effort of the group. His opening remark contained the strongest words for his team.

"We gotta regroup, I think we gotta figure out who wants to commit to playing for the team. We gotta come in with a different attitude," Andersen said.

The part highlighted in bold is the key phrase. Standing between the goal posts for 60 minutes, more or less, has given Andersen a clear vantage point of the team in front of him, and he's clearly not happy with what he sees, and for good reason.

The effort is not there, and complacency seems to be kicking in.

"You can't be satisfied at 2-0. We gotta look at each other in the eyes, and look at where we want to go," Andersen continued.

"I don't think we're tired. I think it's a lack of effort. It's something that can't happen. If we want to play any meaningful hockey later, we'll figure it out."

Andersen has been having an excellent season - his 0.922 save percentage ties him for 6th place in the NHL for goalies who have played more than 30 games (he's played 39). Incidentally, along with Henrik Lundqvist, he's played the most games out of any other goalie in the league.

By virtue of that stat, Andersen has faced the most shots in the entire league, and made the most saves.

Needless to say, Andersen has been doing his job. The players in front of him have not. How much of that is on Mike Babcock and his defense-oriented coaching style?

Player usage has also been at the centre of controversy for awhile now, with many top reporters questioning what he's doing with the likes of Leo Komarov and Roman Polak when there are better options to be on the ice more frequently.

What do you think plagues this team right now?