Report: Another Stanley Cup GM linked to Islanders job along with Leafs’ Lamoriello

Looks like the Isles are going for a clean sweep! Bye bye, Garth Snow?

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From the moment  it was announced that legendary NHL executive Lou Lamoriello would NOT be back as general manager of the Toronto Maple leafs for next season, the hockey world has been buzzing with anticipation of his next move. Sure, he was offered and accepted an advisory position within the Leafs organization… but nobody really expects him to sit around, do they? 

The 75 year old Lamoriello conceded his GM position with the New Jersey Devils to Ray Shero, only to grow bored with his new job and jump ship for the Leafs within the first year under the arrangement. Media and fans alike are bracing for another such move from the Hall of Fame executive.

So far, the rumors persist that Lamoriello will join his son Chris, whom is a scout with the New York Islanders. There’s a belief that Islanders owner Scott Malkins wants to put a leash on current GM Garth Snow and bring in Lamoriello to help get things back on track. Perhaps the most interesting part of the rumor though is that a second Stanley Cup winning GM is now being linked to the job in Long Island, as well: former Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lomardi.

Hearing lots of chatter that not only could #LouLamoriello be joining #Isles but two-time #StanleyCup winner and former #LAKings and #SJSharks GM Dean Lombardi could be joining fold too.

Interesting. Lamoriello and Lombardi as co-GM’s? What would this mean for Snow, who reportedly has a “life-time” contract within the organization? Chances are he’d be promoted to a position that restricts his decision making when it comes to on-ice personnel. 

As for Lombardi, he has been an assistant to Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall since being fired and replaced by Rob Blake with the Kings in 2017. Under Lombardi’s leadership the Kings managed Stanley Cup championships in 2012 and 2014, mostly as a direct result of the acquisitions that Lombardi himself made. While he has been roundly criticized for the way he managed his team’s roster and salary cap in the years following his team’s success, there’s no denying the championship calibre team that he managed to put together. 

Both Lombardi and Lamoriello know what it takes to build a winning team. There’s no doubt that the Islanders could benefit from their influence, the question now is whether or not ownership has the appetite to pay big money to not only Snow, but to Lamoriello and Lombardi, as well.