Report: Babcock heaps praise on Marner after four point night

Could this finally be the breakout that the kid desperately needed?

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Toronto Maple Leafs fans are used to seeing flashes of brilliance from sophomore Mitch Marner. While he’s struggled to put the puck in the net at times this season, Marner will make a move or set up a play with a display of skill that can leave you wondering, “where’d that come from?” Lately, it’s been happening with more and more frequency, ultimately leading up to yesterday afternoon’s four point explosion for the 20-year-old.

Following the game, Leafs head coach Mike Babcock was quick to praise his young forward for his work ethic and commitment to playing the right way, despite not always filling the net.

“He’s a good, good player,” said Babcock praising his young forward. “You keep telling him that if he works hard and gets on the inside and wins battles… when you’re playing good, you want the puck all the time.”

“It was good. I thought Mitch was really going,” followed up the Leafs’ bench boss. “Obviously, as soon as he got going there, he had adrenaline.”

No kidding, the kid was flying! Hopefully we see more games like this out of Marner in the new year.

For the coach’s full post-game comments, check out the video below: