Report: Babcock making excuses for team's loss against Detroit

He's playing the blame game with the schedule makers, and he's completely wrong.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs lost their 3rd straight game this past Friday against the Detroit Red Wings, and Mike Babcock couldn't help but point the finger at the NHL's schedule makers for the loss.

“Before the year started and you looked at the schedule, it was pretty obvious where the tough stretches are,” Babcock said, per Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun. “You look at it and Detroit was off yesterday, we were off yesterday. Detroit’s off today, we’re off today. Why did we play them (Friday on a back-to-back for the Leafs)?

A quick look at the event calendar for Little Caesars Arena in Detroit reveals that the arena was booked on both Saturday and Sunday - the days Babcock was alluding to in the quote above.

First of all, before making a complaint about the schedule, perhaps he should brush up on his facts. Second of all, rather than putting the blame on people who are simply doing their job, he should look inwardly and stop this dump and chase system that has fans disgruntled.

The team needs to start putting wins together, and as head coach, he's responsible for finding the solution.

And it definitely isn't blaming the NHL schedule makers.