Report: Crucial clause in Jagr’s agreement with Flames leaked online

Hold on just a minute… he’s not done yet!

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With the news earlier today that Calgary Flames forward and future Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr has successfully cleared waivers, hockey fans and analysts across the world are busy writing the veteran’s NHL obituary.

But what's gone underreported in all of this is the fact that Jagr's contract with the Flames has not, in fact, been terminated. In fact, there's no plan for the team and Jagr to do such, as it would eliminate the chance of a reunion between the two. Pardon me? A reunion? As in... Jagr's not done with the Flames? Well... technically speaking, the team can still recall him at any point this season.

Interesting. Could you imagine? Could you imagine the Flames calling up Jagr just before the playoffs? The door is open... we just have to watch and wait to see if there's a Fairy Tale ending to this entire saga.