Report: Dermott reveals interesting childhood memory about McDavid

No wonder he's so good.

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Toronto Maple Leafs defensive prospect Travis Dermott was called up from the Marlies on Friday, and hopes to make his first ever NHL appearance. While currently slotted as the 7th defenseman, he remains hopeful he will force Mike Babcock's hand and get into the lineup before being sent back down to the AHL.

Dermott recently revealed in an interview with Toronto Sun's Lance Hornby that he was close childhood friends with Connor McDavid, playing together as eight-year olds.

He essentially demonstrated that McDavid was primed for greatness, and that you could tell from over a decade ago.

“Both our dads were the coaches and we were close, all four of us,” Dermott said, according to Hornby. “But you’d go ask Connor to hang out and he said he couldn’t sleep over because he had to stay home and stickhandle. Little things like that sort of set him apart at a young age.”

McDavid chose practicing his stickhandling over a social life as early as eight years of age. The kind of discipline it takes to choose mastering your craft over hanging out with one of your best buddies at that age is quite remarkable, and explains a lot about the young phenom.

Connor McDavid is widely considered the next best player in hockey, and he showed signs of how he was going to grow into that before he hit the age of 10.