Report: Flyers goalie injured in a shootout, forced out of the game in bizarre play

Now here's something you don't see every day.

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Goalie injuries are relatively common in the National Hockey League. We've seen starting goalies all across the league succumb to injury at one point or another this season, and in seasons past. 

But what usually causes one to happen? It's typically a slap shot to the head, players crashing the crease in various ways... in any event, it's generally during the play, with lots of traffic around the net.

Brian Elliott broke the "stereotype" and got injured in one of the weirdest ways we've ever seen.

The Philadelphia Flyers goaltender got injured in a shootout against the Arizona Coyotes. Yes, you read that right.

Here's the footage.

Keller carelessly clipped Elliott in the knee with his skate as he watched his shootout attempt miss.

Elliott was taken out of the game and replaced by Michal Neuvirth, who picked up the win despite not playing a single second of the actual game.

Turns out Neuvirth made history.

It was announced post-game that Elliott had a lower-body injury.