Report: Former Habs player calls out GM Bergevin for lying to players, fans and media

The gloves are off!

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Winnipeg Jets defenseman Joe Morrow was interviewed by French language broadcaster TVA Sports yesterday afternoon and the 25 year old blue liner spared no words when discussing his brief time with the Montreal Canadiens. Morrow was highly critical of his former coach Claude Julien and general manager Marc Bergevin, but made a point of saying that he has “no regrets for signing a contract with the Canadiens.”

 “But I made a mistake and it was to believe that I was to get all the chances possible with a coach I knew in Claude,” said Morrow. “I trusted Claude too much, I thought he was there to help me. I played good games, but as soon as I had a bad game, it was over. I went back to the stands,” said Morrow before ending with “the Jets trusted me.” 

As for Bergevin, Morrow opened up even more admitting that he had no contact with his GM ahead of the trade deadline and ultimately ahead of his trade out of Montreal, despite signing with the team just months prior. "I did not talk to Bergevin before the trading deadline," said Morrow at the "Journal de Montréal". And I really thought I was the last player to change teams. I read the rumors and I saw the names circulating with the Canadiens. There were bigger names than me among the rumors.”

More than that, Morrow took Bergevin to task for what he feels are untrue statements about the Canadiens and their perceived character issues. "Personally, if I can reply to Bergevin's comments, I would say it was unfair as a statement. Marc was not often inside the locker room. I do not know if he was trying to protect his position, but I do not find that correct,” said Morrow in defense of himself and his former teammates. “You can not say that your room and your players have a bad attitude. He probably can not say two or three things in the players' everyday life because he does not know them so well. When I hear such a thing, I do not understand too much. An NHL GM does not spend his days inside a locker room. "

Ouch. So… basically Bergevin was lying about being in the team locker room? He’s making up stories about players having bad attitudes and, according to Morrow, he doesn’t even know his own players. What on Earth is going on in Montreal!?

For what it’s worth, Morrow seems quite happy to have found a home with the Jets, despite signing on with the Habs as a free-agent. The defensive defenseman has six points in 23 games, including 5 postseason games, since being acquired by the Jets and has a real shot at winning a Stanley Cup with his new club. “I was happy with the exchange,” says Morrow. “I ended up with a team fighting to win the Stanley Cup, one of the best teams in the NHL. It's the dream of all players to win the Cup."