Report: GM forced to have private meeting with superstar goalie!

This is not good!

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Is the situation in Montreal getting out of hand?

Booed by his own fans at the start of the season during a loss at home, Carey Price since refuses to lift his stick in the air in the middle of the ice to salute after games.

While he was injured, rumors about his personnal life came swirling in the medias. It became so big in Montreal that his own wife had to publish an Instagram post to say the couple was not getting a divorce. Since he came back from injury, Price now laughs at journalists' questions and keeps his answers to one or two words, which is a clear retribution for how he feel he's been treated by the press. Things escalated past saturday when he kept smiling and talking about how much fun he had after a 3-0 loss to the Sens in the NHL 100 Classic. He was strongly criticized afterwards.

According to radio legend and ex-NHL referee Ron Fournier of the 98.5 Sports, management staff of the Habs is very preoccupied with the goalie's off-ice antics these past few weeks. So much so that he would have been convoked in a private meeting yesterday to straighten him out and let him know that what he was doing was unacceptable in Montreal.

Fournier went on to say that Price would have agreed to stop his behavior and get back to his past political correctness.

The superstar goaltender signed an 8 year, 84 million dollars contract this summer. The deal only kicks in next year.