Report: Hamilton fires back after personal issue allegations

The former Flames defenseman calls out the fans and media. Things are starting to get UGLY…

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In case you missed it, defenseman Dougie Hamilton was traded from the Calgary Flames to the Carolina Hurricanes this past weekend along with forward Micheal Ferland and prospect Adam Fox in exchange for defenseman Noah Hanifin and forward Elias Lindholm. And, while there had been rumblings that the Flames were open to trading Hamilton, the deal surprised almost everyone in the hockey world.

After all, at just 25 years of age and with three 40+ point seasons and one 50+ point season already under his belt, why would the Flames be so keen to trade Hamilton? You may recall that the similar questions arose when Hamilton was traded to the Flames from the Boston Bruins three years ago… noticing a pattern?

In his latest 31 Thoughts column for Sportsnet, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman addressed the rumors regarding Hamilton and acknowledged that maybe he wasn’t the best fit for the Flames’ culture. 

After making a few calls, this is not about who’s attending team slumber parties. This is about role. Hamilton did not formally request a trade, but there is confirmation there were discussions about his spot in the lineup.

Friedman goes on to explain that the waiving of Hamilton’s brother, Dougie Hamilton, and the fallout from that put even more stress on Dougie’s relationship with the Flames.

There is also the issue of brother Freddie. When he was traded, Dougie was openly upset and that bothered the Flames. There was agreement a move would be better for both sides.

Friedman’s colleague at Sportsnet John Shannon threw gasoline on the fire when he alluded to the fact that Hamilton isn’t exactly a “team first” kind of guy.

Check it out:

Listening to Fan 960, John Shannon said, “The whole team would go for lunch at Moxies and Dougie Hamilton would go to the museum.”

Wait… so Dougie Hamilton was traded for being a nerd? A history buff? Well… kind of. Personal issues aside, Friedman makes it clear that Hamilton wasn’t happy with his role in Calgary. 

A day later, Hamilton himself is going on record to clear his own name, even taking a dig at Shannon for his “museum” comment. Check it out:

Hamilton: I’ve never been to a museum in Calgary, but I heard there’s a lot of good museums in Carolina.

Wow! He had that comeback locked, loaded and ready to fire!