Report: Karlsson trade close, destination revealed

NHL insider Bob McKenzie drops a bomb! Let’s get this thing done!

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The Erik Karlsson sweepstakes have reached a fever pitch and, according to a report from TSN analyst and NHL insider Bob McKenzie, the Ottawa Senators’ captain could finally be traded in the next 24 hours. The Sens are set to open up their 2018-19 training camp tomorrow morning and, much like the Montreal Canadiens did with their own captain Max Pacioretty, it’s speculated that the Senators would rather trade their captain then head into the season with his future serving as a giant distraction.

In a series of Tweets published by McKenzie this morning, he stressed that trade talks have decidedly picked up over the past 24-48 hours and that a deal appears to be close.

Check it out:

Stop me if you have heard this before — and you have — but there’s been a decided increase in Erik Karlsson trade talk over the last 24-48 hours with the obvious goal of trying to get it done before OTT hits the ice for training camp.
I would almost be tempted to say it’s close, but the problem with that is I suspect it’s been this close or even closer in the past and it obviously didn’t get done then, so…let’s just wait and see if this is indeed the real thing.
FWIW, my sense is if Karlsson is traded today/tomorrow, it will be to a Western Conference team.

And there you have it… The Bobfather has spoken. Enough with the rumor reports and speculation… when Bob McKenzie says a deal is close, I’m inclined to believe him. After all, McKenzie’s track record on these sort of things is spotless. He’s as rock solid of an insider as there is.

As for where Karlsson ends up, well we know it’ll be in the West so that means we can count out the Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins and dark horse candidates like the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders. The Vegas Golden Knights, of course, have been in hot pursuit of Karlsson for months now, but it’s also been rumored that the San Jose Sharks and Dallas Stars are putting together offers, as well. There was some chatter that the Vancouver Canucks may be sniffing around, as well.

So, where will Karlsson end up? It still remains to be seen, but if nothing else it looks like this soap opera drama may finally be coming to a close.