Report: Major handicap for tonight's Pens game

A NHL game was postponed last night, might the same happen to Pittsburgh?

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The Pittsburgh Penguins took on the Carolina Hurricanes Thursday night in what would be a listless effort, losing 4-0 to their divisional rivals. They conceded two points to a team they were 1 point behind - so instead of finding themselves in a playoff spot this morning, they are now 3 points out.

The news doesn't get much better when you consider they have a second game tonight against the New York Islanders - and their flight was cancelled last night due to inclement weather.

A game had already been postponed due to poor weather conditions last night, between the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers. The cause of the cancellation was a severe snow blizzard.

As of now, there's no indication that Pittsburgh and New York will suffer the same fate, but nonetheless, the Penguins have been given a handicap going into the second end of a back-to-back.

They will have to fly in this morning and should they have a morning skate, go straight from the airport to the rink. As they have shown all season, their energy levels have been down all year, and last night's effort does not exactly inspire confidence.

The last thing they needed was to further tire themselves out with cancelled flights and poor weather.