Report: Major twist in Canucks and Leafs trade plans

Things just got complicated.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the market for a defenseman, and ideally a depth forward. This much we know. It was reported earlier this season that Lou Lamoriello had discussions with the Vancouver Canucks regarding one of their defensemen, and there have been bumps and twists in that situation that has made it unclear whether or not a trade will actually happen.

Erik Gudbranson has been talked about for many weeks - with the big defenseman reportedly being on the Leafs' radar. They even made a trade offer - at least one that we know about - but it was not accepted.

Jim Benning later came out and said his plan isn't to trade Gudbranson, rather, he wants to extend him with a new contract. That doesn't mean that trading him is completely off the books, it just means that it isn't his main priority.

That being said, there's still considerable interest for him around the league, and according to TVA's Renaud Lavoie, the price is quite favourable for the Canucks.

A 2nd and a prospect is reportedly around the ballpark of what Lamoriello offered for Gudbranson. A late 1st might be hard for teams to swallow, but in the case of the Toronto Maple Leafs, they may very well be positioned to give that pick up if they really want him.

The issue that hampers anyone's ability to trade for Gudbranson right now, is the uncertainty surrounding his health.

Gudbranson was seen on video in the team's locker room wearing a brace on his shoulder, and while this was downplayed, it creates fear in the eyes of potential buyers that he's damaged goods. 

If he's indeed injured to some capacity, bets are on that teams stay away, especially with the high price cited by Lavoie.

Chris Tanev is the better option anyway, between the two guys, although he should certainly come at a higher price. It was reported that there may have been an offer involving star prospect Timothy Liljegren and a draft pick for Tanev, but nothing has materialized from that.

Either way, Gudbranson's health is now in question, and may very well completely cause talks between the two teams to cool off.