Report: Major update in Seguin contract negotiations

Is the superstar still eyeing “the Tavares route?”

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When NHL insider Nick Kypreos from Sportsnet reported earlier this offseason that negotiations between the Dallas Stars and superstar forward Tyler Seguin were strained, it set off a firestorm of speculation. Will Seguin be the next John Tavares? Will he walk away from his team as a free agent? Are we all ready for another superstar free agent sweepstakes?

Just, hold your horses…

According to a report from Kypreos’ colleague at Sportsnet, veteran reporter John Shannon, Seguin did meet with the Stars to begin contract negotiations this past weekend. Seguin is expected to return to Dallas this week, where it’s likely that talks on a contract extension will continue.

Check it out: 

Hearing the Seguin camp and the Dallas Stars did speak about contract extension this weekend.  Things will get interesting when Tyler returns to Dallas on Wednesday.

Will this do much to dispel the reports that Seguin is eyeing an out via free agency? There’s been speculation abound that the 26 year old, 40 goal scorer could test free agency next offseason and supplant Tavares as the biggest free agent to ever hit the open market. You can bet that Stars general manager Jim Nill is doing everything in his power to prevent that from happening, however.

Seguin’s six year, $34.5 million deal expires next offseason and should he elect to test free agency, it’s very possible that he ends up doubling his $5.75 million annual salary. Seguin’ finished 7th last season in NHL scoring with a career high 40 goals in 82 games. Together with Stars captain Jamie Benn and Russian sniper Alex Radulov, Seguin comprises one of the most dynamic offensive lines in the NHL. If the team were to lose him to free agency, it would create an infallible void in the team’s lineup and throw a wrench into their entire system and strategy. Again, his situation is not unlike the one that played out last season between Tavares and the New York Islanders. Flash forward a year and Tavares has moved on while the Islanders have scrambled to fill his absence. If Nill and the Stars don’t lock down Seguin soon, they could find themselves in a similar predicament.