Report: NHL coach ejected from game after furious reaction to goalie interference non-call

This awful call cost his team the game. Should this goal have been overturned?

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One of the most embarrassing situations of this NHL season is the inability for on-ice officials to correctly call  goalie interference. It has caused multiple outbursts and controversies from teams across the league.

After superstars Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews were denied goals on plays with very light contact, and other goals were allowed with goalies literally pushed out of their net, nobody knows what goalie interference is anymore.

During the all-star weekend, Gary Bettman and other officials gathered to discuss the rule, and it was reported that they'd stop overthinking things so much, and if the play is clearly goalie interference - the word "egregious" was used to describe it - then call the goal off. But if it's something so minor that you have to look really hard at it and struggle to make a decision, simply don't make it. 

The refs clearly don't know the definition of egregious, because they called this goal for Jonathan Huberdeau of the Florida Panthers a good one against the Detroit Red Wings.

Petr Mrazek was clearly knocked over by the eventual goal scorer, and they let the goal count anyways after video review. This is one of those instances where the play should be considered egregious. Head coach Jeff Blashill was absolutely furious, and his reaction got him ejected from the game.

The goal was scored with less than 10 seconds in the 3rd period in a 2-2 game, and effectively cost the Red Wings the game.

This is getting beyond ridiculous.

Here are some goals that were allowed and disallowed based on goalie interference reviews.

Can you guess which ones counted?

And here's one from another year.

The answer is all of them. They all counted as good goals.