Report: NHL reporter believes Oilers should trade for star defenseman and turn him into a forward

An absolutely crazy trade proposal that will give Connor McDavid the winger he needs.

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The craziest idea of the Edmonton Oilers' season was seriously suggested on live TV recently.

Los Angeles Kings analyst Jesse Cohen was speaking about the struggles the Oilers have faced this season, and believes in a low risk way to solve their issues, and well, let's just say it's unorthodox.

In case you don't or can't watch the video, he says that Peter Chiarelli should trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets for defenseman Jack Johnson, who we know has requested a trade out of Ohio.

It isn't our belief, or anyone's for that matter, that Johnson will come cheap to anyone. He's a rental and despite his limited usage this year, he still an attractive option for many teams.

As the Oilers aren't in a playoff position, it would be odd for them to transact for him, unless the experiment works and they feel confident in re-signing him.

Now... again, if you haven't watched the video, you're missing the best part. Cohen believes that they should trade for Johnson and turn him into a winger. He believes he could be the dynamic winger they need for Connor McDavid.

Just check out this beautiful goal.

True, Johnson has good skating abilities and offensive instincts. And it isn't completely unheard of to transition a player between the forward and defense position.

But to acquire a rental while your season is all but over, for a relatively high price - and on the whim that he can somehow change position and be super effective... that might be a little too crazy, even for Chiarelli.

His co-anchor essentially thought it was a terrible idea, and it's something you do if you want to get fired. And he's probably right.