Report: NHL sparks controversy after ruling on Brown's vicious hit on Schultz

This is beyond incomprehensible. What do you think?

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Social media was buzzing with outrage when the National Hockey League's Player Safety Department made an absolutely controversial ruling on a hit to the head this week that resulted in a suspension - one that would end an 830 game ironman streak for Anaheim Ducks' forward Andrew Cogliano.

It was the longest-active streak, and Cogliano was in tears in interview following the announcement of his suspension to the public. Most people believed the hit did not warrant a suspension, considering that it wasn't that malicious and no one was hurt.

People thought they should fine him, and be done with it. Yet he got a suspension.

Fast forward to Thursday night. The Pittsburgh Penguins are taking on the Los Angeles Kings, and Dustin Brown lays an egregious hit on a vulnerable Justin Schultz - a far more dangerous play than Cogliano's.

In case you missed the news yesterday, Brown was assessed a fine for this.

To add insult to injury, Evgeni Malkin was assessed a fine as well for spearing him in revenge/retaliation.

When you review Cogliano's and Dustin's hits, yes, you can see that they are both dangerous, but one is significantly more dangerous than the other. Cogliano was certainly in the wrong, but when these incidents happen so close together, it's hard to understand the department's logic when they ruin a great ironman streak with a suspension for something less malicious than what Brown was ultimately slapped on the wrist with a fine for.

Social media is absolutely livid with the league's Player Safety Department, and rightfully so.

These go on and on. Even a Kings fan was perplexed by this decision.

What do you think? Did the NHL drop the ball on this one?