Report: NHL teams take a stance against popular video game Fortnite

Yes… we’re serious.

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Traditionally, the biggest distraction for young, rich male athletes has been the party lifestyle. It’s a tale as old as time. Young NHLers stay up until all hours of the night chasing women, buying too many drinks and getting themselves into situations that they probably shouldn’t. These days however, the biggest distraction appears to be… video games. At least, that’s according to a report from TSN’s Rick Westhead.

Westhead reports that Ontario Hockey League (OHL) players are being advised to wipe their social media accounts of any Fortnite references for fear that it may turn off some potential NHL scouts. 

Check it out:

An OHL team employee tells me some players have been advised to scrub Fortnite references from  social media accounts.
Some NHL teams consider the video game a major distraction/obsession.

This report, of course, sheds light on a report from earlier this season in which Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek claimed that a former 1st round pick has been dealing with a severe video game addiction and that the addiction may cost him his shot at the NHL.

According to Jeff Marek on the “31 Thoughts” podcast a “recent 1st round pick of a very, very prominent NHL team” is unlikely to make the NHL due to a severe video game addiction to which he was placed in CHL sponsored counseling to no avail.

Say what!? I don’t want to sound like an old timer here but… kids these days. Don’t they know they should be out drinking with the boys and trying to get some action when they have practice in the morning!?

In all seriousness, this all seems a bit ridiculous. OHL players are teenage boys, after all. They’re going to play video games whether they post it on social media or not. If the fact that a prospect is into Fortnite is a “make or break” consideration for an NHL scout, they player if probably better off with another team.

On the other hand, if a player is squandering his talent and opportunity over a video game, well then perhaps there’s something to the team’s stance. Truthfully though, and this is just my personal opinion, lighten up guys…