Report: Nylander back at C?

Is Babcock ready to give this a fair shot?

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It looks like Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock may audition forward William Nylander back at center in today’s odd afternoon matinee game today against the Carolina Hurricanes.

According to TSN reporter and Leafs insider Kristen Shilton, Nylander is slated to play the middle between Zach Hyman and Connor Brown this afternoon.

Check it out:

This almost certainly means that Auston Matthews will be out of the team’s lineup for a third consecutive game. Regardless, Nylander has a big opportunity in front of himself. In his first audition this season at center he earned an assist but didn’t do much more. The very next game Babcock had him on the wing.

With the Leafs starved for offense the past two games, it’s not a surprise to see the smooth skating Nylander back down the middle, let’s just hope he can produce and pull the Leafs out of the mini-slump that they find themselves in.