Report: Pacioretty turned down trade to division rival

This would have been crazy!

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In case you missed it, late last night the Montreal Canadiens and Vegas Golden Knights hooked up on a massive deal that seems Habs captain Max Pacioretty head to the Golden Knights in exchange for Tomas Tatar, Nick Suzuki and a 2nd round pick.

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The Canadiens have acquired forwards Tomas Tatar and Nick Suzuki, and a 2nd round pick in 2019 from the Vegas Golden Knights (Columbus’ pick previously acquired by Vegas), in return for Max Pacioretty.

The deal ends months of rumors and speculation surrounding Pacioretty and his future with the team that he’s been captain of the past four seasons. Pacioretty had been rumored to be headed to the Los Angeles Kings at the 2018 NHL Trade Deadline but Pacioretty reportedly quashed any chance of a deal by refusing to sign a long-term contract with the Kings. It seems, that a similar deal was in place with the Detroit Red Wings, before Pacioretty nixed that as well.

Check it out:

Pacioretty a refusé une offre de contrat de 36 millions $ pour six ans qui aurait moussé ses chances de poursuivre sa carrière avec les Kings à Los Angeles. Selon des informations dignes de foi, il aurait refusé une offre similaire des Red Wings de Detroit.
Pacioretty turned down a $ 36 million six-year contract offer that would have boosted his chances of continuing his career with the Kings in Los Angeles.  According to reliable information, he would have refused a similar offer from the Detroit Red Wings.

Here's the full article (in French):

At the end of the day, Pacioretty was probably smart to hold out on the Kings and Red Wings. After all, if last season showed us nothing else, it at least showed us the the Golden Knights are a serious Stanley Cup contender. With Pacioretty now in the fold and with the free agent addition of center Paul Stastny, the team looks even better heading into 2018-19 than they did in 2017-18. You’d be hard pressed to say the same thing about the Kings and Red Wings. While the Kings have had recent success and look poised to head back to the playoffs this season, they're not the powerhouse franchise that they were five seasons ago. As for the Red Wings, the storied franchise is just beginning the rebuilding phase after decades in the NHL's upper echelon.