Report: Pens rookie Simon shows ultimate respect to newcomer Leighton

It’s gestures like this that really show you what this team is made of…

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Pittsburgh Penguins rookie Dominik Simon has officially changed his uniform number from 49 to 12, “gifting” his former number to Pens newcomer Michael Leighton.

The 23-year-old Simon has worn 49 since joining the team in 2015, but Leighton a 36-year-old veteran goaltender acquired from the Arizona Coyotes earlier this month has worn the number in the NHL and AHL for over a decade. While there’s no hard and fast rule in place for which player gets which number, young players will traditionally defer to their veteran counterparts on situations like this. I the case of Simon and Leighton however, it appears as if Simon wanted to just be accommodating to his new teammate.

Good on ya, Dominik!