Report: Reaves' genius idea has been stolen

Well... at least you can now buy them online!

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Earlier this season, Ryan Reaves sported a hilarious t-shirt mashing up Michael Jackson and Phil Kessel on Sportsnet's After Hours, and the picture went viral.

He revealed recently the story behind the shirt and how Kessel reacted to it.

Reaves and the Penguins were flying to his hometown Winnipeg and he decided to send the hilarious design to his mom to have pressed onto a blank t-shirt.

“He was laughing. He called me an idiot about 10 times,” Reaves explained to Sportsnet's Luke Fox. “He got a good laugh out of it.”

“I wanted to throw something on there. She made it for me, and I wore it for our West Coast swing,” Reaves said. “It’s appeared in a couple of soccer warmups. It wasn’t the best quality, so it shrunk a little bit. I gotta make another one, maybe make a few more different ones.”

Reaves then revealed that while people badgered him to mass-produce the shirts and sell them, he just didn't have the time - plus, some people stole the idea and started selling them online, including on Amazon.

You can find the Phil the Thriller shirt for about $25-30.