Report: Reaves trade imminent?

May we finally be rid of Reaves, and get a fan favorite back in return?

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The Pittsburgh Penguins made two trades this week - this much we know. We also know that there's a bigger trade (or more) on the horizon, if we're to trust Jim Rutherford's words, as well as the chatter coming from top NHL executives around the league.

While the Ian Cole trade is all but inevitable, there's another deal that hasn't been talked about much yet - the one that will erase the mistake that was the Ryan Reaves trade from the NHL 2017 draft.

In a recent Q&A, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette beat reporter Jason Mackey illuminated the possible reason behind the Jamie Oleksiak acquisition, beyond the need to eventually replace Cole on the blue line.

"I think if Oleksiak works, his size and toughness and willingness to fight could be enough to trade Reaves, assuming there's a taker, and move on from this thing," Mackey writes. "I like Reaves a lot, but he's just not adding enough offense on a consistent basis. If they can, say, bring back Matt Cullen, I'd move Rowney to wing in a heartbeat and find a new home for Reaves."

How happy will fans be if Cullen returns, and Reaves is sent packing? There have been talks in the last month that Jim Rutherford would like to get the veteran leadership that Cullen brings back into the fold.