Report: Sens pitch last ditch effort to keep Karlsson in Ottawa

Let’s be honest… he’s gone, isn’t he?

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Lost in all the drama surrounding the opening of NHL free agency and huge contracts for players like John Tavares, Paul Stastny and James van Rimesdyk, the focus is off the trade market for the first time in weeks. 

Trade bait targets like Erik Karlsson, Ryan O’Reilly and Jeff Skinner have taken a back seat today as teams and general managers jockey for position and attempt to improve themselves via free agency. But wait… not so fast.

Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion met with the media following the opening of free agency this afternoon to discuss the team’s offseason strategy. Surpassingly, the Sens made no additions on the free agent market today, announcing only that they had extended a contract offer to Karlsson.

Pierre Dorion said the Senators made a contract offer to Erik Karlsson.

Ironically, Dorion then claimed that he would not discuss the details of the offer and, in fact, would not comment or discuss ANY Sens player currently under contract.

Pierre Dorion will not comment on any Sens player currently under contract

Ummm… what? Why have a press conference then? The Sens made no free agent additions to speak of… the only thing they did was extend an offer to Karlsson. So, again…. why hold a press conference?

“I think we owe it to your fans… we made a promise at our Town Hall that we would make a contract offer to Erik Karlsson and we’ve done so.”

So… the point was for the organization to let fans know that they would like to re-sign Karlsson. Great…. now actually SIGN him. Or trade him. But don’t schedule press conferences to tell your fans that you made him an offer.

Dorion was also pressed to answer questions about goaltender Craig Anderson who has reportedly requested a trade, but (surprise, surprise) Dorion declined to comment on Anderson’s status with the organization as well. With the Toronto Maple Leafs landing superstar free agent John Tavares earlier today and with pending free agent Drew Doughty inking a long-term deal with the Los Angeles Kings, you have to imagine that Karlsson has a LOT to think about these days.