Report: The Leafs could trade for Galchenyuk

Gilmour, Grabovski, Galchenyuk. They all have something in common aside from their last names' starting with a “G”.

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"BREAKING! We have a trade to announce between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens!" - is something that is rarely ever uttered, but has been said on a couple of occasions this century... and could happen again as soon as this season.

We already dissected the possibility of the Leafs making a deal with the devil Canadiens to shed salary and a contract by trading away Eric Fehr.

But what if Lou Lamoriello and Marc Bergevin discuss something bigger?

General managers consider rivalry to an extent when discussing trades, but if the fit is right for both teams, they'll usually swing a deal anyways. In this case, one has to wonder, will the Leafs shake hands on a deal for centre/winger Alex Galchenyuk?

His youth and skill will fit in well with the direction the Leafs are going in, and his contract is team-friendly for 2 more seasons beyond this one. He's reportedly been on the trading block since last summer. He's playing his best hockey over the last couple months after being nearly invisible at the beginning of the season.

Still, despite his improved play, his value is not at its highest, meaning Lamoriello could potentially get a good deal from Bergevin. The Habs' GM has been known to make some massive trades that he didn't come out a total winner from. You know which trades we're talking about.

The Leafs and Habs rarely trade, but it's happened. Doug Gilmour was reacquired by the Leafs from the Canadiens back in 2003, while Mikhail Grabovski was traded to the Leafs in 2008. so who's to say that they can't make another deal.

If the Senators and Leafs could make a massive deal involving Dion Phaneuf, nothing is impossible.

Here's some of Galchenyuk's best highlights.

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