Report: The reason why Rutherford hasn't made a trade yet

This unfortunately makes a lot of sense.

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Elliotte Friedman's 31 Thoughts is a goldmine for information around the National Hockey League, and this week's edition was no different.

One thought that stands out for Pittsburgh Penguins' fans is a comment from an anonymous general manager.

"Quote of the Week, from an anonymous GM: 'God, I hope no one helps Pittsburgh get better.' I think he’s tired of seeing them win," Friedman revealed.

While a seemingly candid comment, and left without any commentary - this points to an issue that Jim Rutherford is almost certainly dealing with. While general managers will make the right deal when presented to them, certain factors influence who they trade with - rivalry, divisional opponent, and how much you're helping another team fighting for the playoffs.

Rutherford has built a team that won two straight Stanley Cups - and managers around the league may have no interest in helping Pittsburgh three-peat. 

There were heavy talks that a deal was in place before the roster freeze around Christmas time, but that never transpired. Rutherford openly admitted he would look to improve the team via trade should things not improve - and they haven't. It's been awhile now and nothing's happening.

If you're wondering why, this is probably it. No one will throw Rutherford a bone, and if they're willing to negotiate, the prices are set higher than normal.