Report: Three teams to make trade offers for Maroon

Maroon will likely have a new home before long. But it might only be a temporary one.

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The Edmonton Oilers selling at the trade deadline is an inevitability. Such is the fate of a club who is ear-marked for a lottery pick in the NHL entry draft.

They are poised to miss the playoffs after a successful campaign, and that means that their rental players will be shopped off by February 26th.

The top trade chip Peter Chiarelli possesses who's also on an expiring contract is Patrick Maroon.

According to Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal reports that of the teams expressing interest in Maroon, there are three teams that lead the way in their level of interest for the power forward.

The Boston Bruins, Anaheim Ducks, and St. Louis Blues are all very interesting teams for Maroon. While Boston is probably not as keen to fill a gap on the left wing, Maroon fits the profile of a typical Boston Bruins player and would provide terrific depth down the stretch.

A reunion between Anaheim and Maroon could also work - the Ducks are a team that play a big game and Maroon would fit right back into their roster.

St. Louis is Maroon's hometown team, and they also play a big game. He'd be a great fit for them too as they go all in for this year's playoff run.

Matheson names a possible trade scenario with the Blues.

Matheson adds that Maroon should be a player Chiarelli tries to bring back in the summer. It would make a lot of sense to trade him now for future assets, and get him back in the off-season. Why not rent him out if you're going to get him back? Of course, that's contingent on the two parties coming to some sort of verbal agreement prior to a trade.