Report: Wings and Oilers swap was “closer than thought”

Any chance the two struggling clubs circle back on this deal?

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It’s no secret that the Edmonton Oilers have struggled this season. Part of their problem lately can be attributed to the loss of starter Cam Talbot, though. With him on the IR, the team relied heavily on youngster Laurent Brossoit, who put forth mixed results during his 10 game audition. Now that Talbot is back between the pipes in Edmonton, can the Oilers turn their season around?

Interestingly enough, rumors of a goaltending swap between the Oilers and the Detroit Red Wings from weeks ago are popping up again. The initial rumor had Wings goalie Petr Mrazek heading to the Oilers for a draft pick or two. Obviously the deal never went down, but now Sportsnet reporter and NHL insider Elliotte Friedman is pulling back the curtain and revealing just how close the deal was to coming the fruition.

Check it out:

“I heard they were looking at Mrazek last week, and somebody told me after we mentioned it that it was a lot closer than I kind of thought. I think they’d worked out that Detroit was going to keep about half of the money, and they were trying to figure out the draft pick. Nick [Kypreos] told me he heard that he played a couple of games and Edmonton saw it and didn’t like him. And I think that’s true. But I think they’ve been looking for a goalie. They still haven’t found what they’re looking for, I guess.”

Interesting. While Mrazek certainly wouldn’t give the Oilers the consistency they’re after, he’s a huge upgrade on Brossoit. What do you think Oilers fans? Missed opportunity? Any chance that GM Peter Chiarelli circles back on this one?