Report: Yzerman as next GM of the Leafs?

Say what!?! This report came out of left field!

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According to a report from Boston Bruins CLNS reporter Jimmy Murphy, Toronto Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan could be in discussions with former teammate Steve Yzerman for the Leafs’ vacant general manager position.

Hearing some chatter today that Brendan Shanahan could try to lure old teammate Steve Yzerman from Tampa Bay to become #TMLTalk GM. Likely never happen but Shanahan surprised us with #LouLamoriello. #GoBolts

Say… what!?!

Yzerman, of course, is currently the GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning, a position that he’s held for nearly eight years. While it’s unlikely that Yzerman would leave the Lightning at this juncture, they’re in the middle of a closely played second round series against the Bruins, Murphy’s report is certainly raising eyebrows across the league. 

What Stevie Y actually leave his job in Tampa for… for the Leafs? It seems crazy. But then again, so did the hiring of head Mike Babcock who turned his back on the Detroit Red Wings after years of success. Ditto for the Leafs’ hiring of Lou Lamoriello away from the New Jersey Devils. In both of those hirings there was speculation beforehand, but no one really believed it until it happened. Could history repeat itself with Yzerman?

Again, it seems like an unlikely scenario, but as we’ve seen during the Shanahan era in Toronto anything is possible.

For what it’s worth, Yzerman and Shanahan won three Stanley Cup championships together during their playing days with the Red Wings. There’s no denying that the two highly respected executives share a special bond, but whether or not that’s enough to lure Yzerman away from the work he’s doing in Tampa remains to be seen.

Again, for what’s it’s worth, even Murphy himself can’t seem to believe his own report.

Regarding last tweet, I can't see Stevie Y leaving #GoBolts unless with was for #RedWings

The Leafs, of course, are currently without a general manager after Shanahan announced that Lamoriello would NOT be back as Leafs GM for the 2018-19 campaign. The early indications are that one of the team's assistant GM's, Mark Hunter or Kyle Dubas, will secede Lamoriello as the team's next GM. But then again... Stevie Y? 

So, what’s your take Leafs fans? Does this seem legit? Or is this all just some pipe dream?