Reporter brutally questions Marchand's sanity and claims he will be traded this summer!

Serious rumors concerning Marchand’s condition and his future in Boston…

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Serious questions have to be asked in Boston and they will surely not be fun for the Bruins fan base to hear and discuss around the water cooler. 

Could Brad Marchand's ludicrous and annoying behavior in the Toronto Maple Leafs series towards forward Leo Komarov and especially in the Tampa Bay Lightning series with veteran Ryan Callahan have caused the Bruins bosses to lose patience?

According to Martin Leclerc from Radio-Canada, the French CBC webpage, there is a speculation that Marchand’s latest antics, which have become increasingly ridiculous, have embarrassed the entire organization. According to the hockey reporter, it would be very plausible to see the Bruins try to trade the top forward during the summer, even if he is one of the best players on the team. Here are his comments, translated from French: 

“Imagine what will be said about Marchand when GM Don Sweeney sits with his coach Bruce Cassidy and team president Cam Neely. Their team has just been eliminated even if it counted on one of the best first lines on the NHL.  It is hard not to believe that the Bruins' efforts in the playoffs have not been constantly troubled by the behavioral problems of one of their best players. After all that has happened over the last few months, and considering the Bruins' culture, it would not be surprising if Marchand changed address during the summer. "

On top of this intense trade speculation,  Leclerc seriously questions Marchand's mental state, saying that such unpredictable and disturbing behavior could hide deeper disturbances.

"That said,  to announced eventual supplemental discipline is one thing. To understand a general behavior as disorderedly and prejudicial as that of Brad Marchand, who is nevertheless a star player and a vital part of his team, is another. If one assumes that the behavior of an individual is in itself a form of communication, it's safe to say that there is something is wrong with Marchand, who has been going through one of the most difficult periods since the beginning of 2018, where he received six suspensions and five fines. And always for actions whose degree of deviousness and danger surpasses understanding. "

Wow. Brutal assessment, wouldn’t you say? 

After all, Marchand has admitted on Wednesday morning, that it was time for him to take a deep look in the mirror as he commented his disgusting antics following the Bruins' second round elimination. 

“I’ve got to cut that [expletive] out,” Marchand told The Athletic's Fluto Shinzawa as he cleaned his locker out in the Bruins' dressing room, admitting he needs to take a look in the mirror. 

There might be hope after all…