Rinaldo lays another hard hit after suspension, gets knocked out in one punch in a fight

Take that, Zac.

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Zac Rinaldo of the Arizona Coyotes took hockey social media by storm when he sucker-punched a defenseless Samuel Girard in a game against the Colorado Avalanche.

If you recall, he had laid a hard open-ice hit on Nathan MacKinnon prior to the sucker-punch, and was taken out in a fight after.

Here's the clip, to jog your memory.

He was handed a mere 6 games - which drew a lot of angst from everyone across the hockeyverse. Most felt, as a repeat offender, he should have been shutdown for the rest of the season. There's no place for those kinds of plays, and there's certainly little room for players like him in the modern NHL.

This was Rinaldo's second game since his suspension, and lo and behold, he got into a fight after laying a hard hit around the goal line. The fight was mostly a war of words, but Kyle Brodziak eventually had enough and took him out with a single punch. You can see Brodziak trying to land a punch around the gut area, but fails to connect. He winds up for a few seconds before finding his moment, and gets Rinaldo right in the head, effectively taking him out and ending the fight.

Rinaldo actually ended up scoring a goal in the game. The Coyotes shocked the Blues by a score of 5 to 2.


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The one bright spot is that the team appears to have found their number one centre in Paul Byron. Just check out this beautiful backcheck and backhand saucer to set up Max Pacioretty for his 7th goal in his last 7 games.

And that's when you know this team has a problem. Byron is a winger playing as the team's number one centre. Cue the laugh track.

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Matt Cullen registered his 700th career point on Saturday night.

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