Rival team and its owner apologize to Brad Marchand!

This is unexpected...

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Social media has allowed National Hockey League fans to follow the action more closely, but also notice important changes in what takes place behind the scenes of their favourite team. For a few weeks now, those who follow the Montreal Canadiens on social network have seen a particularly drastic change. The recent tone that is used by the communications team is a complete turn from what was used before...

The official account of the Canadiens on Twitter was once somber and more informative than entertaining, has now become suddenly more edgy and directed to a younger audience. 

It all came to light when the Habs Twitter account was caught not to long ago ridiculing Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand. In an attempt to make fun of the Bruins' star player, the Canadiens' Twitter account manager posted a tweet that quickly turned against him.

"Without naming names, just a reminder that licking is frowned upon on the golf course as well," it was posted on the Habs' social media account. 

It did not take too long for Marchand to respond, as he obviously felt targeted by the publication of the Canadiens. Of course, it all has to do with Marchand licking veteran forward Ryan Callahan’s face from the chin up during Game 4 of the second round series.

"Funny...throwing shade when you were out of the playoff race since October," Marchand replied. 

The following morning, the Habs Twitter account manager tried to make fun of the situation by tweeting another publication that raised some eyebrows. It said:  "Hey guys, just keeping things light on Twitter today. What's everyone's favorite color? Ours is beige!''

On Friday, Habs owner Geoff Molson reacted to the tweets his team posted in an interview with La Presse journalist Jean-François Tremblay. The owner reviewed the incidents and the direction he intends to take with the team's communications and future on social media. Admitting that he is targeting an edgier content, Molson admitted to the team's mistake in the Marchand saga. 

"Sometimes we go over the limit, we've had a situation where we've exceeded the limit of respect, we're looking at ourselves in the mirror and thinking about how we use social media. For example, to criticize a player from another team, that's not our style, in retrospect maybe we should not have done that."

That sounds like an apology, Brad!