Roussel goes down to avoid the fight, so Wilson just keeps punching him in the face.

Wilson shows Roussel no mercy.

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Dallas Stars agitator Antoine Roussel was at it again on Tuesday night when his Stars faced off against the Washington Capitals, but his face paid a higher price than he was likely expecting. 

Roussell took a run at both Capitals star forward T.J. Oshie as well as Washington's first round pick in the 2014 National Hockey League Entry Draft Jakub Vrana and he wasn't ready to answer the bell when the payback came. 

Capitals enforcer Tom Wilson immediately challenged Roussel at the face off, but although Roussel dropped his gloves it was crystal clear that he did not want to fight the very tough Wilson. 

Roussel tried to avoid the damage by dragging Wilson to the ground immediately but Wilson was out to get revenge for his teammates, so he just kept punching Roussel in the face even after he was already down.