Rumor: 29-goal scorer could be traded soon

Looks like there may be a trade in the works...

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We reported earlier today that the Ottawa Senators were taking calls on a lot of players, and that general manager Pierre Dorion may very well decide to pull the trigger and make a few trades.

Sportsnet insider Elliotte Friedman believes the Edmonton Oilers could be suitable trade partners for the Sens. He even suggested they could be interesting in acquiring 28-year-old winger Mike Hoffman.

Here's what he had to say on this topic:

I would be very curious if Edmonton was a team that would be looking at a guy like Mike Hoffman, for example. Now, he’s got term so you’ve got to know how to make it work. But Mike Hoffman is a guy – he can really shoot the puck. He’s a scorer. I’m sure that Edmonton would be looking at that and saying, ‘Okay, he’s potentially a guy that could interest us,” but I think he’s got four more years left or three more years left – something like that. You’ve got to figure out, ‘Okay, how do we make this work.’

While Friedman admits making a transaction isn't exactly easy, he thinks Oilers' GM Peter Chiarelli has been trying hard to make his team better:

“But the fact is I think we all know if Peter Chiarelli could make a trade, he would have done it already because God knows he’s been trying for a couple of months.”

We'll certainly have to keep an eye on these two teams!