Rumor: NHL to undergo radical change

An analyst details a massive change that the NHL could make, that would change just about everything.

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The NHL operates under a 2 point win, 1 loss overtime loss system - and many have voiced their opinions against it. It's created a parity in the NHL like we've never seen, and created unbalanced games. That is, some games are worth 3, and others are worth 2 - favoring some teams that consistently make it to the extra frame and guarantee a point, win or loss.

The Athletic's Dom Luszczyszyn recently published an article detailing the change that the NHL must make to the point system. It's one that has been discussed in the past and could very well become a reality in upcoming seasons.

As has been instituted by the KHL, Luszczyszyn discusses the benefit of switching to a system whereby the winner of a regulation game gets 2 points, whereas the winner of an overtime game only gets 2. The overtime loser would get 1 point as usual. Either way you shake it, 3 points are handed out in a game, no more, no less.

It prevents teams from slacking off to get into overtime, because both teams will work harder to get that 3rd point.

The author suggests another alternative - rank teams purely based on win percentage. Whoever has the most wins, makes the playoffs, end of story.

What do you think - should the NHL keep its current point system, or change to one of these new systems?