Rumor: Offer for Panarin LEAKED

Good deal? Or should the Jackets hold out for more?

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It’s been well over a month since NHL insider and Sportsnet reporter Elliotte Friedman dropped a bomb on Columbus Blue Jackets fans. The team’s leading scorer, Russian sniper Artemi Panarin, is reportedly not interested in signing a contract extension with the team and subsequently is being shopped on the trade market.

There is word today that Artemi Panarin has told CLB that he is not ready to consider an extension “at this time.” (UFA July 2019.) As a result, the Blue Jackets are testing the market for him.

That rumor dropped over a month ago and yet Panarin remains with the Blue Jackets organization. So… what gives? You have to imagine that a player with Panarin’s skill would elicit a TON of interest on the trade market, yet just weeks away from the opening of training camp and Panarin trade talks seemed to have cooled.

Initially it was reported by Blue Jackets insider Aaron Portzline of The Athletic that Panarin is interested in going to one team and one team only: the New York Rangers. Speculations, like NBC SportsJames O’Brien, have also linked teams like the Dallas Stars to Panarin as well, but a proposed deal from an anonymous Reddit user has gained the attention of the Blue Jackets media.

Check out this juicy rumor courtesy currently floating around Reddit in which Panarin would be traded to the Florida Panthers:

***expect this to be announced Tuesday, but do not rule out wednesday or Thursday. There are lots of things that go into this.
FLA gets Artemi Panarin (not sure about salary retention)
CBJ get Jamie McGinn FLA 2019 first round pick (lottery protected) FLA 2020 Second round pick FLA 2020 Third Round Pick Prospect Dryden Hunt

Now… keep in mind this is simply a Reddit rumor. There’s no way of verifying whether or not this rumor is true. But, for what it’s worth, Portzline himself has denied the rumor.

Does that put things to rest? Maybe… but as we’ve seen this entire offseason, whether it’s the rumors regarding Panardin, Erik Karlsson or John Tavares, it’s nearly impossible to get a read on what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes in the NHL these days.

So, whether you want to lend credence to this rumor or not, is really up to you. For what it’s worth though, here’s a further explanation of the proposed deal between the Jackets and Panthers:

EDM, DAL, TBL, BOS, TOR, NYI, LAK, ANA were all at least mildly involved in talks. BOS had a great deal that was pulled for some reason
Bjugstad was originally involved in a trade. It may have been a 1 for 1 trade with a pick somewhere, but not sure what side. I believe Bjugstad was going to be involved if Panarin would sign immediately, but hearing that Panarin would likely re sign with FLA but wants to wait until closer to the trade deadline and try to maximize his money by putting up higher numbers with Barkov, Huberdeau, Dadanov, Hoffman and Trocheck. 
Bjugstad is probably a third liner with Panarin in Florida but Florida management doesn’t want to lose him if Panarin does not re sign belief is that McGinn may not even start the season with the CBJ. The FO will be trying to create a trade for a 1L or a forward that can play LW. McGinn is an odd man out that would be used in this trade. EDM has been involved in these talks. The first will not be going anywhere unless the price is right, so expect CBJ to have two first round picks next year.