Rumors of major problems between NHL GM and his Captain.

Major issues on one NHL team.

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There are rumors of major problems inside one National Hockey League franchise. 

While the rumors that Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty have been out there for several days now, the latest report from Jean-Charles Lajoie of 91.9 Sports FM in Montreal paints a much more troublesome picture from the Canadiens. 

According to Lajoie Pacioretty and Montreal Candiens general manager Marc Bergevin recently had a meeting that got very heated. And it was during that meeting that Pacioretty would have informed Bergevin that he was no longer happy in Montreal and demanded a trade.

Pacioretty's discontent with the organization could certainly serve to explain his drastic decline in performance this season, and unfortunately for the Canadiens this latest report from Lajoie could significantly damage his value on the trade market. 

The Canadiens under Bergevin have earned a reputation for showing very little loyalty to their core players, players like P.K. Subban and Andrei Markov to name a few, and Pacioretty may be trying to get out of town before he meets a similar fate.

Not a good look for the Canadiens once again.