Scary moment in Dallas as Seguin takes a skate to the face

Oh no… this is ugly.

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In case you missed it, the Dallas Stars set a franchise record with their eighth consecutive loss last night, this time to the woeful Vancouver Canucks by a 4-1 margin. It was a rough night for Stars fans as not only did they lose out on a valuable two points with their loss, but the Anaheim Ducks, just ahead of the Stars in the playoff race, managed an OT victory over the Edmonton Oilers. But, here’s the real kicker (literally): things could have been so much worse for the Stars.

That’s because Stars superstar forward Tyler Seguin took an accidental skate to the face courtesy of Canucks forward Darren Archibald. Both Seguin and Archibald were battling for a puck along the boards deep in the Canucks zone when for some reason Archibald lifted his skate and accidentally kicked Seguin in the face with the heel of his skate. 

Here’s the play in question:

Yikes. That looks ugly. 

For what it’s worth, it looks like Archibald makes contact with Seguin’s visor but Seguin does motion his head backward as if he’s been struck in the mouth or nose. Seguin did stay in the game and the team has not issued any comment on his health, so we can only assume that no serious damage was done. Close call.

Rumor: Could the Stars do the unthinkable?

In his most recent Mailbag column for the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Stars insider Mike Heika made a surprising prediction for Stars fans. Could the team actually trade superstar Tyler Seguin?

Set to hit free-agency following the 2018-19 season, the Stars will have to make a big decision on the playmaking center’s future. Re-sign him long term, or trade him for future assets?

Check out Heika’s answer:

"The Stars will not trade Seguin this year. The question is will they sign him to an extension next summer or let it run into his UFA year in 2018-19? I think a lot has to do with how this team does in the playoffs. Seguin has not been healthy enough to have playoff success, so that's a huge test for him. If he has success, the bet is he gets signed. If he doesn't (or they don't make the playoffs), the question about trading him before or during next season is very relevant."

Could you imagine the backlash in Dallas if the Stars trade Seguin or, even worse, let him walk through free-agency. He’d surely bring a bounty back to the team via trade, but then they’d spend years trying to groom the next Tyler Seguin through development. 

For what it’s worth, Seguin has had another productive season in Dallas and looks poised to cash in when his contract does expire next offseason. Whether that’s in Dallas or elsewhere however, remains to be seen.