Schaller gives Claesson a beating after he leaves his teammate bloody.

Things got violent tonight in Boston!

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Boston Bruins forward Tim Schaller saw his teammate bleeding on the ice and he was having none of it. 

Bruins center Noel Acciari was the victim of a big hit from Ottawa Senator Frederik Claesson on Wednesday night and as he lay hunched over the ice you could see his blood dripping down onto the ice. 

Schaller immediately went over to challenge Claesson who answered the bell, a move he would quickly come to regret. To say this fight was one-sided would be a massive understatement as Schaller threw and landed punch after punch as Claesson did nothing but hang on for dear life. 

Luckily for Claesson, Schaller showed him some mercy when the National Hockey League officials tried to step in.