Schultz beats Boyle while unprotected on the ice, refs have to wrestle him off

This is savage. The fight needs to end when the player gets knocked down.

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Everyone loves a good fight. It almost always brings people to their feet, and gets both the crowd and players alike energized.

A spirited fight in the Southern Professional Hockey League between Timothy Boyle and Jake Schultz of the Pensacola Ice Flyers and the Mississippi RiverKings respectively ended with one on top of the other, laying a beat down while the opponent was completely defenseless.

The fight was fairly entertaining up to that point - with several hard punches thrown to each other's faces.

The referees were forced to intervene and wrestle Schultz off of Boyle as he relentlessly beat on his foe. 

When a player hits the ice, the fight should be over immediately, end of story.