Seguin on the move back East?

This would be crazy!

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With few quality free agents left on the market this offseason, NHL fans and analysts have already turned their attention to 2019 and the potential crop of superstars set to hit the open market next July. Who will next offseason’s John Tavares be? 

With so much focus on star players like Erik Karlsson and Artemi Panarin this offseason, everyone is aware of their impeding free agent status, but little attention is being paid to other star pending free agents like Tyler Seguin, Jordan Eberle, Sergei Bobrovsky, Blake Wheeler and Matt Duchene.

NBC Sports Boston’s Joe Haggerty recently penned a column in which he speculated whether or not Seguin, who was originally drafted by the Boston Bruins before being dealt to the Dallas Stars, would be welcomed back in Boston. 

Certainly it’s enticing to think about the skill, the production, the game-breaking ability and Seguin’s chemistry with the Bruins when mulling over the possibility and then there’s the poetic justice of the B’s righting a wrong when they settled for pennies on the dollar while casting out one of the league’s young superstars.

Incredibly, Haggerty believes that the Bruins should steer clear of Seguin specifically because of his past history with the club.

So, there might be reasons to do it, but I still see Seguin as a “very good player on a bad team”-type player who will pile up gaudy stats until the ice starts getting difficult to fight for and produce. He’s also still a risk if you’re a team signing him to a massive contract (which he will obviously be looking for) given that he’s been dinged at times in Dallas for being late to practice and he’s still a candidate for other minor infractions that show he’s probably never going to be a true leader on a team.

I mean… sure Seguin may not be a “leader”, but the guy put up 40 goals and 78 points in 80 games this past season. If the Bruins were to turn up their nose at that level of production… yikes.

In any case, Stars general manager Jim Nill maintains that both he and Seguin’s representation have had good discussions on a contract extension and he sees no reason to think that Seguin will hit the free agent market. Then again… the New York Islanders thought the same thing about Tavares a year ago…