Sens' Burrows to make a stunning career change?!

Does the veteran already know he will be bought out by Ottawa?

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The future is somewhat uncertain for Ottawa Senators forward Alex Burrows... A day prior to this year's trade deadline, the veteran forward was placed on waivers, along side defenseman Johnny Oduya... the latter was claimed by the Philadelphia Flyers, who are now competing in the postseason. Burrows wasn't, and remained with the Sens for the last week of the season, after a disastrous year.

Since Burrows has another year at $2.5 million left on his contract, it was highly unlikely anybody would take him. However, there have been many rumors that the Senators might choose to buy out his contract this summer. Some experts believe, notably Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch, that perhaps, the Senators will talk to Burrows about taking a job in the organization because he’s so good to be around and can help out in a development role.

But what if Burrows already had a career change in mind? On Thursday, Burrows met with Radio-Canada to explain his new project. According to many, Burrows is one of the best ball hockey players in the world and wants to make the sport an international competition. Burrows has just launched the North American Ball Hockey Association with the stated goal of making his beloved sport an Olympic discipline.

"We are in preliminary discussions with the IOC. But at least they hear about us. They hear that our sport is shining," Burrows proudly explained to Radio-Canada. 

The Senators player and his partners drew inspiration from the National Hockey League Players Association and hope to make a difference in how the sport blooms around the world. 

"We really put players in the forefront. We want to supervise and accompany the players. The goal is to grow the sport, to give it a real identity in North America. There will be tournaments everywhere in Quebec, across Canada and in North America," explained Burrows.

The 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles are Burrows' target for ball hockey entry. The gritty forward even has an already clear vision of the preferred location of his sport's inaugural year. 

"In Rio, we saw the outstanding images of beach volleyball and it would be a good site for ball hockey as well," he added. 

Don't you think it's great to see that Burrows is planning ahead for the future? What do you think of his project?