Sens owner made worst possible blunder!

Rival fans are mocking the owner amidst controversy!

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Ottawa Senators Eugene Melnyk did one of the worst things possible ahead of the NHL100 Classic outdoor game against the Montreal Canadiens, on Friday night. 

While being questioned during the Senators' alumni game taking place at Parliament Hill Friday night, the Sens owner put a damper on the festivities as he brought up the possibility of relocation, took a shot at fans and said a new downtown arena might never happen.

I’m not going to blow a lifetime of working hard to support a hockey team. It’s not gonna happen,” Melnyk said at Parliament Hill.

The bigger question is whether I’m prepared to blow all that money I made over many years in a different industry in a different country.

“How long can you underwrite a team?”

And fans - all around the National Hockey League - have noticed. One Toronto Maple Leafs fan explained what took place, in a nutshell, on his social media: 

Outraged fans took on social media to criticize Melnyk's decision. Melnyk's comments came in addition to the team's on-ice struggles and some people think the Senators should be given a break... 

Other fans are just mad at the man, who received much love from the public during his health issues. 

Yeah... it's still hard to believe he had the audacity to make this statement...