Sens' Ryan hurts his hand - yet again!

This is getting ridiculous!

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It may feel like we are reporting an older story to you right now, but this took place on Thursday night, as the Ottawa Senators were facing the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

The Sens' game against the NHL's best team, who won 4-3 in a shootout over Ottawa, was entertaining, but it was also crazy because the same awful thing happened again: 

Bobby Ryan's hand was injured! 


Ryan took a slash to the hand in the first period and would eventually leave the game in the third. Head coach Guy Boucher says there isn't anything broken but if the forward misses time, it could be quite the serious blow to the Senators' offense. 

We can no longer keep count of how many hand injuries Ryan has had since joining the Senators in 2013. It's been close to five consecutive seasons that he has suffered hand damage. 

Hopefully it was just a bit of pain that he needed to shake off, and then he won't be sidelined with another hand injury this season. We will keep you posted on the potential bad news - if his back luck continues...