Shea Weber's injury uncovered a huge problem in Montreal!

And we aren't talking about a lack of transparency here.

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The news of Shea Weber's foot injury was extremely disappointing for Montreal Canadiens' fans, who realized their favorite team might be without its best defenseman for a few games. 

While it is clear that his absence will have a huge impact on the Habs' performances, The Athletic's Marc-Antoine Godin has come to realize Weber's injury has uncovered a huge probleme in Montreal.

According to him, it highlights just how much the Canadiens need more than one good blueliner. Here's what he said today:

The Unknown Soldier represents all those who lost their lives on the front lines. The Canadiens have a less solemn version of that, the Unknown Defenceman, he who represents all the mobile puck-movers the team simply doesn’t have.
The Canadiens' blue line general, Shea Weber, has been missing that presence next to him for the large majority of this season. And when the general goes down in battle, it is not only his presence that will be missed; it is the Unknown Defenceman’s as well."

Should general Marc Bergevin try to make a move and acquire another talented defenseman soon? Or should he stay the course and hope the player he has now will turn things around?