Shocking blockbuster trade rumor hits Edmonton!

And this is a scary one for Oilers fans... Some experts are trying to shoot it down!

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The Edmonton Oilers are reportedly seeking wingers, and are in dire need for a quality offensive defenseman in their lineup. But as a team who will miss the postseason this spring (Edmonton currently sits 16 points out of playoff contention), it would be surprising to see them make a blockbusting move ahead of the trade deadline, instead of thinking it over until the draft and free agency season. 

But a recent twitter from Bob Stauffer, the Oilers radio analyst and host of "Oilers Now" on 630 CHED, has set a panic in the hearts of Oilers fans. On Sunday, the host wondered why there would be trade chatter around star player Leon Draisaitl

Stauffer and fans are reacting to the comments made on the Hockey Night in Canada panel, as commentator Nick Kypreos hinted at trade speculation about Draisaitl, while his colleague Elliotte Friedman tried to shoot it down. 

Now, centre Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and even recently defender Oscar Klefbom has been said to possibly land on the market - which is already disheartening enough for fans - but the thought of Draisaitl hitting the block is even more frightening. 

Thankfully, the man who has been covering the Oilers since 1972, Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, agrees with Friedman, and again, on Sunday explained on Twitter that Draisaitl is a keeper. 

Now, it is not the first and last time a crazy trade speculation will be made in the NHL, but this one has generated a lot of reactions around the world. Let's hope the truth comes up soon enough and that Matheson and Friedman are right, and Draisaitl is in the Oilers' future.