Singer ruins the American national anthem before game...

The poor guy gets ridiculed on social media...

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Whether the visiting team is American, Hockey Night in Canada is one of the most watched event every Saturday night across Canada. Even with the Montreal Canadiens falling to make it to the postseason and having a dreadful regular one, fans still tune in to watch the Habs in action, and tonight was even more special because the league's best scorer Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals are in town. 

With thousands and thousands of people watching, a young artist took the stage at centre ice to sing both national anthems. Michael was a participant of The Voice in Montreal and became popular with his unique voice and strong talent. However, the young man was not able to show all of it during the first anthem, as fans all across social media noted his mistake with the lyrics. 

In the video below, you will clearly notice at the 1:11 mark that Michael misses up the words and has people all around the Bell Centre wondering what happened. 

See a few of the harsh reactions all across social media right after the singer's mistake. 

Of course, it is only a small mistake, but when an American team is playing, and now more importantly the Washington Capitals are playing, the anthem is sacred and fans were doomed to notice the mistake. Now, we are pretty sure Michael knows the lyrics of the American national anthem and was embarrassed of his mistake, but let's just say he will not soon forget his first time singing at the Bell Centre. 

The mistake did not seem to bother or bring back luck to the Capitals. After two periods of play, Washington had the lead 4-1 over the Canadiens, who were counting on the return of star goalie Carey Price at the Bell Centre to lead them to victory. Price had not played in Montreal since Feb.10 after which he suffered a concussion and missed 13 games since. He returned to action on Wednesday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but ended up losing 5-3 to the defending champions. 

It could be another loss for Price tonight, but he will be more than pleased if Habs fans only focus on how Michael ruined the national anthem instead...